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As a fashion designer and couturier, we support  professionals and individuals in their requests for execution  and design of clothing and / or accessories.  Together and through inspirational visuals, sketches, and  samples of materials, we validate the final choice  among  the multiple design proposals and the different budgets. So  begin  the design of  rooms  tailored. Whether for a  event, an audiovisual project or simply to enlarge your wardrobe, we are listening to all your design requests.  


Équipements de couture

           The different stages of service related to tailor-made creation   :

  • Taking  measures  and knowledge of the inspirations and information available to the client.

  • Sketch proposal , moodboard with  sampling  of materials

  • Patronage or casting of  clothes  or accessory

  • Making the garment or accessory and / or  embellishment: Embroidery, Print , ...

  • Fittings to adjust the garment according to the customer's wishes.



Femme chez un taileur
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